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13-Feb-2019Synthesis And Mesophase Characterization Of New Calamitic Fork Like Polycatenar And Dimeric MesogensRAJASEKHAR REDDY KATHAT. NARASIMHASWAMY
23-Aug-2019Chemical Investigations On Some Ancient Indian Materials And IndustriesParamasivan.SGravely
21-Aug-2019New Class Of Benzotriazole Thiadiazole And Oxadiazole Derivatives As Corrosion Inhibitors For Copper Nickel Alloy In Marine EnvironmentK.CHANDRASEKARANS. BANGARU SUDARSAN ALWAR
17-Jun-2019Structural Morphological Optical Magnetic Humidity Photocatalytic And Antibacterial Studies Of Mwo4 Wo3 M Mn Fe Co Ni And Cu Composite Nanoparticles And Ferrite Prepared By Solution And Solid State MethodS. POOVARAGANR. SUNDARAM
17-Jun-2019Luminescent Lanthanide Iii Heteroleptic Complexes Of Chromophore Functionalized Imidazo4 5 F 1 10 Phenanthroline And 1 3Diphenyl 13 Propanedione Synthesis Characterization Photophysical And Magnetic StudiesA. Josephine KanimozhiV. Alexander
8-Jan-2019Synthesis Characterization And Bioactivity Of Novel Triazolophanes And P Tertbutylcalix 4 Arene and#532; Hydroxy Propargyloxy Ether Cored Ferrocenyl Glycodendrimers Glycoconjugated And Triazid Cored Bodipy Dendrimer With Triazole Bridging UnitV. SARAVANANP. RAJAKUMAR
8-Jan-2019synthesis characterization and biological studies of some new schiff base ligands derived from 4 amino antipyrine and heterocyclic aldehydes and their metal complexesE. THAMARAI SELVIS.MAHALAKSHMI
13-Jun-2019Synthesis Characterization And Applications Of Certain Random Copolyesters Containing Noncoplanar Biphenyl MoietyM. PRINCESS MARY SUGANTHAD. ROOPSINGH
8-Jan-2019preparation and characterisation of certain polymer nanocomposite electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cell applicationsG. HARI HARA PRIYAV. JAISANKAR
18-Apr-2019X Ray Crystallographic Structural Analysis On Pyrrolidine Quinoline Indoline And Thiochromene Derivatives Of Medicinal And Biological ImportanceM.P.SAVITHRIA. SUBBIAH PANDI