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16-Mar-2020Chemically Modified Electrodes For Determination Of Heavy Metal Ions By Anodic Stripping Voltammetry And Amperometric Determination Of Substrates Of Biological ImportanceJAYADEVIMANORANJITHAM JS. SRIMAN NARAYANAN
21-Nov-2019Carbon Nanotubes And Novel Tetradentate Ligands Modified Electrodes For The Determination Of Heavy Metal Ions By Anodic Stripping VoltammetrySANGEETHA KS. SRIMAN NARAYANAN
20-Mar-2019Structural Morphological Optical And Catalytic Properties Of Magnetic Mfe2o4 M Ni Co And Cu Nanostructures Prepared By Sol Gel MethodP.PARAMASIVANP. Venkatesh
20-Mar-2019Phytochemical Investigations Of Some Folklore Endemic Medicinal Plants Of Tirumala Hills Boswellia Ovalifoliolata Terminalia Pallida And Ximenia AmericanaTHUMBURU GUNASEKHARS.MAHALAKSHMI
27-Dec-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Selected Nanocrystalline Core Shell Materials for Biomedical and Environmental ApplicationsAlimunnisa JK. S. MEENA
25-Sep-2019Fabrication Of Amperometric Sensors Using Bimediator Modified Electrodes For The Determination Of Biologically Important CompoundsDEVENDIRAN.MS. SRIMAN NARAYANAN
25-Sep-2019Ultrasonic Studies On Certain Ternary Organic Liquid Mixtures At Various TemperaturesS.P.POONGOTHAIS.CHIDAMBARA VINAYAGAM
21-Aug-2019New Class Of Benzotriazole Thiadiazole And Oxadiazole Derivatives As Corrosion Inhibitors For Copper Nickel Alloy In Marine EnvironmentK.CHANDRASEKARANS. BANGARU SUDARSAN ALWAR
30-Dec-2019Surface Modified Cellulose Nanofibers And Their ApplicationsNavaneetha Krishnan VA. RAMESH
1-Oct-2019Nanocomposites Based On Thermoplastic Polymers And Functionalised Single Walled Carbon NanotubesMALARVIZHI.NS. N. JAISANKAR


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