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30-Oct-2018Effect of Aspartame in streptozotocin induced Type II Diabetes mellitus in Wistar albino ratsSARAVANAN SSHEELADEVI R
20-Nov-2018Studies on degradation of organic compounds by advanced oxidation processes sonocatalytic degradation of dyes using potassium persulfate znonanorods and zno sio2 core shell nanomaterialsBhavani, rSivasamy, a
20-Nov-2018Synthesis and characterization of pure and transition metals ti zr ag substituted cobalt ferrite nanocrystallitesPersis amaliya aPauline, s
20-Nov-2018Synthesis and characterization of mono di and trimeric pyridinium type of ionic liquids and their applicationsManikandan, cGanesan, k
26-Nov-2018Studies on the ovicidal larvicidal and pupicidal efficacy of five hydrophytes against Culex quinquefasciatus Say 1823 Diptera CulicidaeANNIE SHAKILA WILLIAMSRAVEEN R
26-Nov-2018Nardostachys Jatamansi DC alleviates Ketamine induced Schizophrenia like characteristics in rats and in all trans Retinoic Acid differentiated SHSY5Y cell lineANJALI JANARDHANANVANISREE A J
27-Nov-2018Studies on the meta analysis of various clinical parameters in diabetic patients from in and around ChennaiVENKATESAN LJOTHI NARENDIRAN N
20-Nov-2018Inevitability of human resource accounting in Indian industries a studySmitha, pJohn gabriel s
20-Nov-2018Thionine dithiocarbamate and mwcnt dopamine dithiocarbamate modified electrodes as amperometric sensors and as mercury free electrodes for anodic stripping analysisKavitha, jSriman narayanan s