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10-Oct-2016Naresh Mehta ke prabandhkavya kathastrot aur samkaleen prasangiktaPrabha, VishnuSharma, Laxmi Narayan
27-Mar-2019Effect of training in life skills on school adjustment and academic achievement of adolescentsSatveer KaurRanu, Sarbjit Kaur
27-Mar-2019Synthesis characterization and study of antibacterial properties of metal nanoparticlesGoyal, DivyaRajesh Kumar and Saini, G.S.S.
27-Mar-2019Effect of cooperative learning on academic anxiety social skills and achievement in social studies of secondary school studentsJeevan JyotiSharma, Anjali
27-Mar-2019Measurement of multijet cross section ratios in proton proton collisions with the CMS detector at the LHCAnterpreet KaurManjit Kaur
27-Mar-2019Law relating to public private partnership a comparative study between India and UK with special reference to infrastructure sectorAnudeep KaurRajinder Kaur and Verma, Amita
27-Mar-2019Comprehensive analysis and statistical modeling of candidate genes and biomarkers in age related macular degeneration in north west Indian cohort and their clinical correlationSharma, KaushalSharma, Suresh K; Anand, Akshay and Ramandeep Singh
10-Oct-2016Pachaasottaree hindi kahaani teesre aadmi kii avdhaarna evam swaroop pramukh kahaani lekhikaaon ke sandarbh meinDevechcha, DevechchaGulati, Yash
27-Mar-2019Tradition transition and transformation a study in concepts of myth identity and subjectivity in selected Indian filmsManmeet KaurGoel, Surbhi
27-Mar-2019Hand gesture recognition system for interpretation of Indian sign languageJoshi, GarimaVig, Renu and Sukhwinder Singh