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Title: Study Of Antibacterial And Phytochemical Properties Of White Rot Fungi Collected From North Western Region Of Himachal Pradesh
Researcher: Sharma, Jyoti
Guide(s): Tripathi, Astha
Keywords: Life Sciences,Microbiology,Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology
University: Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences
Completed Date: 2018
Abstract: newlineAbstract newlineMushrooms have been recognized as functional foods and a source for the development of medicines and nutraceuticals. In present study, Methanol and hot water extract of the all six mushroom cultures showed good antibacterial activity. Among all the cultures, the methanolic extract of the Agaricus sp. showed maximum activity (36±1.4) against K. pneumonia, where as Morchella sp. showed least activity (18.5±0.7) against K. pneumonia. Among the entire Mushroom cultures the hot water extract of Chlorophyllum sp. showed maximum activity (37±1.4) against K. pneumonia and Tramaetes sp. showed least activity (25±1.4). newlineAccording to results all six methanol extract of mushroom cultures exhibited a good antibacterial spectrum activity. The methanol extract of Agaricussp., Schizophyllum sp., was best to potentiate the antibacterial activity of K. pneumonia with MIC 0.78 mg/ml. Against P. aeruginosa extract of Agaricus sp., Chlorophyllum sp., showed good activity with MIC 1.56 mg/ml. Extract of Chlorophyllum sp. and Schizophyllum sp. showed high antibacterial potential against E.coli with MIC 3.125 mg/ml where as the hot water extract of Mycena sp. and Schizophyllum sp. showed good antibacterial potential against S. aureus with MIC 0.78 mg/ml. Against K. pneumonia extract of Tramaetes sp. and Agaricus sp. showed good antibacterial with MIC 1.56 mg/ml each. newlineFor effective utilization of natural products, qualitative and quantitative information of the individual phenolic acids in all three hot water extracts of each mushroom culture generated by using qualitative, quantitative methods. The results obtained revealed the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, terpenoids, phenolic compounds and tannins. The hot water extract of Chlorophyllum sp. showed significantly (Plt0.05) total phenol (7.773±0.928) and Schizophyllum sp. consist of flavonoids compounds in high amount (17.94±13.166). newlineIt is therefore suggested from the present study that mushrooms selected for the study could be potential source of compounds with beneficial biological activities and new drug discovery. newlineKEYWORDS : Mushrooms, Antibacterial activity, MIC, Phytochemical properties. newlineix
Pagination: 70
Appears in Departments:Faculty Of Biotechnology

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