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Title: Extraction and Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of herbs and development of multiple herbal formulation against Salmonella enteritidis and Yersinia enterocolitica
Researcher: Bala Anju
Guide(s): Kaushik; Ravinder
Keywords: Life Sciences,Microbiology,Microbiology
University: Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences
Completed Date: 2018
Abstract: ix newlineAbstract newlineThe drastic increase in side effects and health hazards of pharmaceutical medicines leads to newlinethink towards the alternative ways for treatment of diseases and other health problems. newlineHerbal medicines are good alternative to pharmaceutical medicines with minimal side effects, newlinebroader antimicrobial potential and health boosting effects. Several herbs showed potent newlineantimicrobial potential, therefore, the present research was carried out to develop a herbal newlineformulation against pathogenic food borne microorganisms (Yersinia enterocolitica and newlineSalmonella enteritidis). The antimicrobial potential of twelve herbs against microorganisms newlinewere checked by using agar well diffusion method, minimum inhibitory concentration and newlineminimum bactericidal concentration. It was found that ethanolic extract of 12 herbs showed newlinehigher antimicrobial potential against Salmonella enteritidis and Yersinia enterocolitica. Out newlineof twelve herbs, ethanolic extracts of seven best herbs were selected and antimicrobial newlinecompounds were analyzed using LC-MS. The nine compounds from Terminalia arjuna viz. newlineacetone phenylhydrazone, cerberidial, corlumine, aquilegiolide, auraptenol, gallic acid, newlinealtenusin, confluentic acid and acetol, six compounds from Punica granatum viz. newlinealbidopyrone, ceriferol-I, calebin A, cryptoporic acid A, abyssinoflavanone V and newlineflavogallol, five compounds from Picrorrhiza kurror viz. cerberidol, annonidine A, benzyl newlineformate, Picroside-I and furcatoside A, six compounds from cannabis sativa viz. newlinebisnorbiotin, blepharocalyxin B, achlisocoumain II, azitine, antrocamphin A and newlinecannabispiradienone, three compounds from Cinnamomum zeylanicum viz. 5- newlineaminopentanoic acid, trans-cinnamaldehye and arenarol, three compounds from Achyranthes newlineaspera viz. auraptenol, biruloquinone and alternarolide III and seven compounds from newlineTerminalia chebula viz. erinapyrone, annosqualine, asperlinol, anagyrine, ellagic acid, newlinebergaptol and alangiobussine. Herbs showed effective antimicrobial potential in food system newline(skim milk), at different pH, acidity and water activity. It was observed using confocal newlinemicroscope that herbs effect on physiology of microorganisms, change shape and number of newlinecells both live and dead cells were reduced. It was also observed that herbs reduced the toxin newlineproduction of microorganisms. Out of seven herbs, four best were selected and their bioactive newlinecompounds were isolated and identified viz. trans-cinnamaldehyde, gallic acid, ellagic acid newlineand picroside 1 and their antimicrobial activity was higher than standard antibiotics. From newlineSEM images, it was clear that bacterial cells lysed and number of bacterial -cells reduced in newlinecomparison to control. From docking study, it was clear that protein (DHFR) and ligand newlinex newline(trans-cinnamaldehyde, gallic acid, ellagic acid and picroside 1) showed hydrophilic and newlinehydrophobic interaction. newlineKEY WORDS: Herbs; antimicrobial potential; pathogenic microorganisms. newline
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Appears in Departments:Faculty Of Biotechnology

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