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24-Dec-2019Synthesis Characterization and Antibacterial Activities of Metal Complexes with Thiosemicarbazone derivativesPatel Bhaveshkumar AmrutlalG. M. Malik
30-Dec-2019Synthesis Characterization And Mesomorphic Properties Of Liquid Crystalline Compounds Involving Disubstituted Naphthalene MoietyYaxesh T. DhimmarK. C. Patel
30-Dec-2019Surface Modified Silica Based Potential Sorbents Derived From Agricultural Detritus For Eviction Of Toxic Metal PollutantsBagia Maryam Ibrahim YunusBhavnaben Shah
28-Nov-2019Studies On Synthesis And Characterization Of Monoazo Reactive Dyes Based On Quinazolinone And Their Applications On Various FibresPatel Sejalkumari MahendrabhaiK. C. Patel
28-Nov-2019Design Synthesis And Antimicrobial Evaluation Of Schiff Bases Thiazolidinone And Benzothiazole DerivativesPatel Savanbhai VinodbhaiKamlesh Prajapati
24-Dec-2019Synthesis Of Some Bisazo Reactive Dyes And Their Dyeing Performance On Various FibresPatel Dharmishthaben HirabhaiPareshbhai S. Patel
24-Dec-2019Synthesis Characterization And Biological Evaluation Of Novel Thiazolidinone Azetidinone Pyrazoline And Imidazoline DerivativesPatel Darpankumar BallubhaiVikas A. Desai
24-Dec-2019Selective Performance Of Mesoporous Mcm 41 Based Sorbents Synthesized From Bagasse Fly Ash For Extrication Of Heavy MetalsPatel Alpeshkumar VinodbhaiBhavnaben Shah
24-Dec-2019Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Thieno 2 3 D Pyrimidine Based Heterocyclic CompoundsModi Shital DilipbhaiK. C. Patel
24-Dec-2019Studies On Various Heterocyclic Derivatives Containing Nitrogen Oxygen And Sulphur As Hetero Atoms And Their Antimicrobial ActivitiesPandey Nishakumari MarkandayBhavnaben Shah


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