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30-Sep-2014Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste in A Horizontal Plug Flow ReactorVidhya PrabhudessaiSrikanth Mutnuri
30-Sep-2014Proteomic Profiling of Tear fluid for Potential Biomarker Discovery in Dry Eye SyndromeVenkata, Saijyothi AluruAngayarkanni, N
28-Dec-2016Development of Human Silent Information Regulator 1 Modulators for Treatment of Cancer and Metabolic DisordersM. MALLIKAD. Sriram
28-Dec-2016Exploring the Relationship between Organizational Identification Leadership Orientation and Managements Peripheral Vision A Study of Knowledge Workers PerceptionsANAND. KProf. L. Prasad
23-Sep-2014Modeling and Assessment of e waste Management Issues in India Generation Flows and Extended Producer ResponsibilityDwivedy MaheshwarMittal R K
19-Sep-2014An Investigation of Innovative ProductDevelopment Practices in Indian Manufacturing IndustryVinayak KRambabu Kodali
24-Sep-2014Development of a Credit Scoring Methodology for Assessment of Microfinance BorrowersVaish Arun KumarArya Kumar and Anil Bhat
10-Sep-2014Genetic diagnosis prevention and molecular pathophysiology of duchenne muscular dystrophy and non invasive diagnosis of familial neuromuscular disordersSakthivel, Murugan S MLaxshmi, B R
1-Oct-2014Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution Studies of Selected Racemic DrugsDubey Sunil KumarSaha Ranendra N.
5-Jan-2017Development and validation of lean manufacturing drivers barriers and framework with a focus on ceramic industryBhamu, JaiprakashSangwan, Kuldip Singh