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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-Aug-2019Studies on a halotolerant chroococcus minor and a halophilic phormidium tenue cyanobacteriaPremila Devi Mary SingaramAnand N
26-Aug-2019Studies on oill mill effluent mycoflora and their lipolytic activityGopinath SHilda Azariah
26-Aug-2019Cloning Sequencing and expression of arsenic resistance gene from marine pseudomomas fluorescens strain MSP 3Sheela PMahadevan A
26-Aug-2019Studies on keratinophilic fungi characterization of keratinolytic potential and fungitoxic evaluation of some plant extractsRamesh V MHilda Azariah
26-Aug-2019Biochemical and molecular characterization of induced resistance in rice oryza sativa against bacterial leaf blight by probenazole treatmentDhakshinamurthy MLalithakumari D
26-Aug-2019Studies on nitrification in some diazotrophic bacteriaJean Margaret LRaju P N
26-Aug-2019Cloning of rhizobium sp for catechin oxygenaseLatha SMahadevan A
26-Aug-2019Studies on extraction isolation and characterization of bioactive compunds from seaweeds and their effects on bacterial blight of rice caused by xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae ishiyama dyeLourdu Mariadoss KRengasamy R
26-Aug-2019Biological control of rice blast and sheath blight with pseudomonas spp survival and migration of the biocontrol agents and the induction of systemic resistance in biological disease suppressionKrishnamurthy KGnanamanickam S S
26-Aug-2019Sporangial Pigments of Some MyxomycetesLoganathan PIndira Kalyanasundaram
22-Aug-2019Finger Millet blast caused by pyricularia grisea genetic diversity and fertility status of the pathogen and biological control of the diseaseViji GGnanamanickam S S
22-Aug-2019Genetics of the stability and survival of fitness of rhizoctonia solani kuhn laboratory mutants resistant to benzimidazole and ducarboximide fungicidesElavarasan ALalithakumari D
22-Aug-2019Cloning and expression of plasmid encoded multidrug efflux pump and biodegradation of morpholine by pseudomonas fluorescens cas102Chandrasekaran SLalithakumari D
22-Aug-2019Field and laboratory studies on bioaccumulation of arsenic and copper in organisms of different trophic levels of the marine food chainsSujatha SRaja Rao V N
22-Aug-2019Studies on induced defence responses in groundnut leaves against rust disease caused by puccinia arachidis speg after treatment with chitosan glucan and salicylic acidSathiyabama MBalasubramanian B
22-Aug-2019Studies on the airborne mycoflora of some indoor environments in madras city Tamil Nadu IndiaPugalmaran MPandu Ranga Vittal B
2-Aug-2019Storage fungi in rice sources of inoculumBanumathy NIndira Kalyanasundaram
1-Aug-2019Studies on the biodiversity of fungi colonising litter of mangrove plants in godavari and krishna deltas east cost of IndiaVenkateswara Sarma VPandu Ranga Vittal B
29-Jul-2019Studies on an Indian strain of Tobacco Necrosis VirusVenkataraman PSulochana C B
29-Jul-2019Saving endangered plants a case study on crotalaria longipes wight and arnJayanthi Mswaminathan M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36