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24-Nov-2017Computational methods for analyzing genedisease association in complex disordersSreeja, NKrishnakumar, U
24-Nov-2017Phonocardiogram signal delineation methods for automated analysis of heart sounds and murmursVarghees, V NivithaRamachandran, K I
24-Nov-2017Investigation on carbon nano fiber reinforced poly ether ether ketone polyether imide poly ether ketone as polymer composite container for long time nuclear waste disposalAjeesh GBhowmik, Shantanu
24-Nov-2017Synthesis and characterization of tio2 nanostructured materials and their composites for dye sensitized solar cell applicationsMohan Raj, SKumaresan, Duraisamy
24-Nov-2017Modelling and analysis of Indian classical music for raga recognitionSinith, M STripathi, Shikha and Murthy, K V V
25-Jan-2019New synthetic methods for multi substituted furans vicinal triketones and benzylidene fluorene derivatives using cerium IV ammonium nitrateSivan, AkhilAni, Deepthi and Pillai, Zeena S
21-Aug-2017The concept of divine love in select poems of Kabir and Rabindranath TagorePriya, M GHarini Jayaraman
21-Aug-2017A study of extragalactic and galactic radiationBose Lakshmi, SKaruppath Narayanankutty and Murthy Jayant
12-May-2017Vibration and acoustic emission ae based tool condition classification in high speed machining hsm of titanium alloy ti 6al 4v using machine learning algorithmsPrishnakumar, PRamachandran, K I
11-Dec-2017Experimental studies of sprays generated by twin fluid atomizer utilizing active control strategy under ambient conditionBalaji, KSivadas,V