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25-Jan-2019Model based empirical Investigations on Characterization of time series from Indian Stock MarketsBagavathi Sivakumar.PMohandas.V.P
17-Apr-2015Nanosurface modification of titanium and titanium coated stainless steel coronary stents for preferential cell functionsMohan, Chandini c.Menon, Deepthy
17-Apr-2015Combinatorial approach of curcumin and 5 fluorouracil loaded chitosan derivatives based nanoparticles towards the treatment of carcinoma of colonAnitha, AChennazhi, Krishna Prasad and Jayakumar, R
17-Apr-2015fabrication characterization and invitro biological evaluation of microporous 3d composite scaffolds containing nano silica nano bioglass for bone tissue engineeringKavya, k CChennazhi, Krishna Prasad
9-May-2015Myocardial regeneration using fibrin based electrospun multiscale biodegradable polymeric composite scaffoldSreerekha P RChennazhi, Krishna Prasad and Mohan, Deepty
9-May-2015TiO2 nanostructures and their composites with graphene for dssc applicationMadhavan, Asha AnishBalakrishnan, Avinash and Nair, A Sreekumaran
11-Mar-2015A two phase approach to source code plagiarism detectionResmi, N GSoman, K P
11-Mar-2015Effective numerical integration formulae to evaluate multiple integrals using generalized gaussian quadratureJayan, SaradaNagaraja, K V
2-Jul-2015Combinatorial nanomedicine using paclitaxel and epigallocatechin gallate for breast cancer therapyNarayanan, SreejaMenon, Deepthy and Koyakutty, Manzoor
9-Jan-2019Development and nanotoxicological analysis of hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate based multifunctional nanoparticles for molecular imaging and therapeuticsAnusha AshokanManzoor Koyakutty , Shantikumar Nair