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25-Jan-2019Molecular Mechanisms in Wound Healing Role of Natural Product ModulatorsAthira OBipin G.Nair
20-Nov-2013Prediction of remaining useful life of used components of systems for reuseGokulachandran, JMohandas, K
28-May-2013Morphology based prototype statistical machine translation system for English to Tamil languageAnand Kumar MSoman, K P
28-May-2013Process development for surface alloying of bronze with NI/CR using GTA heat source - modelling and validationSanjivi ArulSellamuthu, R
20-Nov-2013Electrospun nano fibrous matrix with human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells for bone tissue engineeringSathy, Binulal NelsonNair, Shantikumar V
20-Nov-2013Processing and morphological control of titania nanotubes (TiO2) by single and multi-step anodization processes using HF/EG electrolytesV C, AnithaMenon, Deepthy
20-Nov-2013Evolving an explanatory model for Indian Stock Market (Bombay Stock Exchange) using Agent based Artificial Stock MarketsNarendra Kumar, PMohandas, V P
20-Nov-2013Certain investigations Into Optimization of multi loop problems for reconfigurable VLSI DesignSundari, B. Bala TripuraSundaram, G A Shanmugha
20-Nov-2013Flexible and micro porous chitinous nanocomposite bandages for wound dressingSudheesh Kumar, P TJayakumar, P
20-Nov-2013Enhancing the osteogenic potential of the polymeric nanofibrous scaffolds by the incorporation of ceramic nanofillers for Bone Tissue Engineering ApplicationsGanesh, NityaNair, Shantikumar v