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9-Jan-2017Studies on genes of arginine lysine transport and its regulation in e coliPathania, AmitGowrishankar, J
17-Jan-2017Studies on the physiological roles of basal p ppGpp and DksA in Escherichia coliNazir, AanisaHarinarayanan, R
4-May-2017Studies on bacterial transcription terminator RHO binding factorsValabhoju, VishaliniSen, Ranjan and Khosla,Sanjeev
17-Jan-2017Studies on the mechanistic aspects of rho dependent transcription termination in bacteriaQayyum, Mohd ZuhaibSen, Ranjan
19-Oct-2015Studies on Calcineurin NFAT signaling in cellular proliferation and effect of its inhibitor, cyclosporine A, in cell death responseRam, Babul MoniRamakrishna, Gayatri
19-Oct-2015Quality of life and pharmacoeconomic studies in patients with acute coronary syndromeMuragundi, Pradeep ManoharNagappa, Anantha Naik and Udupa, N and Ranjan Shetty K
19-Oct-2015Studies on biomarkers of genetic damage in human perinatal mesenchymal stem cells and their impact on cell proliferation, senescence and differentiationSharma, ShikhaRamesh Bhonde
19-Oct-2015Studies on synthesis, characterization and catalytic application of multi metal substituted aluminophosphatesHamza ANagaraju, N
19-Oct-2015Studies on modified zeolite catalysts for aromatization and aromatic substitution reactionsJanardhan H LShanbhag, Ganapati V and Halgeri, Anand B
19-Oct-2015Studies on the transcription elongation factor NusA from Escherichia coliMishra, SaurabhSen, Rajan and Khosla Sanjeev