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2-May-2017Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo bactericidal activity of lysostaphin on methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureusN, NagalakshmiBairy, Indira and Shenoy, Gautham
4-May-2017Evaluation of bioremediation potential of e coli using its electrophoretic protein profilesP, SusannaKhan, Nayeem Ullah
9-Jan-2017Evaluation of amalaki rasayana on dna repair and immune profile in human subjectsVishwanathaGuruprasad, K P
9-Jan-2017Evaluation of angiogenic biomarkers in patient with dysfunctional uterine bleedingChianeh, Yousef RezaeiRao, Pragna
5-Jan-2017Evaluation of psychological influences of colour lighting and form in office buildings for enhancing productivityPoursafar, ZahraDevi, Nandineni Rama
17-Jan-2017Evaluation of Naringin and Rutin to Reverse Doxorubicin Induced Cognitive Deficits in Rat Model of Mammary CarcinomaRamalingayya, Grandhi VNandakumar, K
4-May-2017Evaluation of biompatibility and biomechanics of silorane based restorative materialMadhyastha, Prashanthi SNaik, Dilip G and Bhat, Kumar M R
13-Nov-2017Evaluation of molecular signatures unique to growth arrest conditions of quiescence and senescenceAnwar, TariqueGayatri Ramakrishna
12-Mar-2015Formulation and evaluation of polymeric multiparticulate drug delivery systems of rifampicin and isoniazidVamshi, Krishna TReddy, Sreenivasa
16-Feb-2017Evaluation of antiepileptic and neuroprotective effects of 1 triacontanol cerotate in pentylenetetrazol induced kindling rat modelAdhikari, SnehunsuSatheesha, Nayak B