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26-Oct-2012Studies on Transcription Translation coupling and the consequences of its failure in Escherichia coli Modulation of Rho dependent transcription termination by H NS family of proteinsSaxena, ShivalikaGowrishankar J
26-Oct-2012Computational studies of disease causing Mutations in proteinsAcharya, VishalNagarajaram, H A
5-Nov-2012Regulatory role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PPE proteins on proinflammatory signaling pathway and activation of HIV-1 LTRBhat, Khalid HussainMukhopadhyay, Sangita
3-Oct-2013Understanding advanced glycation end product-mediated cell signaling and its regulationMahali, Sidhartha KManna, Sunil Kumar; Khosla, Sanjeev
11-Jun-2018Anticlastogenic activity of novel 3 4 methylene dioxybenzene derivatives in vitro and in vivo studiesNayak, Pawan GPai, K. Sreedhara R
11-Jun-2018Understanding the functions of fission yeast sirtuin hst4 in dna replicationKonada, LahiriHaldar, Devyani
7-Mar-2014Elucidation of microRNA(s) role in host-pathogen interaction in silkmothSingh, Chandra PalNagaraju J; Arunkumar K P
7-Mar-2014Understanding Mycobacterium tuberculosis heat shock protein 60 (Mtbhsp60) mediated modulation of macrophage immune responsesNazia ParveenMukhopadhyay, Sangita
5-Jun-2013Computational annotation of typical apicomplexan proteins and biochemical studies of highly conserved plasmodium falciparum acyl CoA binding proteinsJamshaid AliRanjan, Akash
3-Oct-2013Studies on Transcription-Translation coupling and the consequences of its failure in Escherichia coli: Tests for compromised genomic integrity and increased propensity for occurrence of RNA-DNA hybrids (R-loops) in rho and nusG mutantsSyeda, Aisha HaneeaGowrishankar J