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2-May-2017Effect of pregnancy on foot structure and its influence on plantar pressure balance gait and foot functionR, PreethaRajashekhar, B
2-May-2017Investigating the cellular mechanisms underlying muscle remodeling during Drosophila developmentDhanyasi, NagarajuSarin, Apurva
2-May-2017Clinical and molecular analysis of patients with morquio syndrome and GM1 gangliosidosisBidchol, Abdul MueedKM, Girisha and Satyamoorthy, K
2-May-2017Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo bactericidal activity of lysostaphin on methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureusN, NagalakshmiBairy, Indira and Shenoy, Gautham
4-May-2017Sites of knowledge situating select indigenous knowledge systems and modern educationGirija K PNiranjana, Tejaswini
4-May-2017Phosphoproteomic analysis of IL 33 mediated signal transduction pathwayPinto, Sneha MPandey, Akhilesh and Prasad, T S Keshava
9-Jan-2017Functional genomic studies on plasmodium falciparum identification and characterization of trna modifying enzymes and trna derived fragmentsSawhney, BhavikRanjan, Akash
9-Jan-2017A statistical methodology to integrate the findings from studies of complex public health interventionsN, RavishankarNair, N Sreekumaran
9-Jan-2017Development and evaluation of oral strip formulations for drugs with poor bioavailabilityBhagawati, S TBhat, Krishnamurthy
9-Jan-2017Constancy and change disturbance to natural resources sharing mechanisms and controlChandi, Manish MathaiArthur, Rohan