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5-Nov-2012Radioprotection by Coronopus didydmus (L.)- a free radical mechanistic and molecular approachMudgal, Piya PaulUnnikrishnan, M K; Naik, Nagappa Anantha
5-Nov-2012Identification of signaling molecules involved in Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) signalingCharles Jacob Harrys KishorePandey, Akhilesh; Chaerkady, Raghothama
5-Nov-2012Spectroscopy of laser produced plasmas: design and development of a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) set-up for trace element detectionUnnikrishnan V KSanthosh C
5-Nov-2012Children's understanding of scientific conceptsJoy, AnuSarangapani, Padma
5-Nov-2012Design and development of a customized decision support system in oncologySinha, Rajesh KumarVidyasagar M S; Pai, Mahohara M M
21-Jan-2013Study of selected indigenous medicinal plants bearing Sesquiterpene Lactones for anticancer activity in Human Breast Cancer CellsNaseer MPai, K Sreedhara Ranganath; Udupa, N
21-Jan-2013Synthesis, characterization and anticancer evaluation of some new Triazole derivativesDhanya SunilIsloor, Arun M; Shetty, Prakasha
21-Jan-2013Cosmic considerations in Megalithic architecture: an investigation into possible astronomical Intent in the design and layout of Megalithic Monuments with a view to understanding Megalithic Knowledge SystemsMenon, Srikumar MVahia, Mayank N; Sudhakara G
22-Oct-2012Preparation and properties evaluation of PDMS Colloidal Silica compositesDinkar, SumiDhanabalan, Anantharaman; Thimmappa, B H S
5-Nov-2012Color image analysis for staining intensity quantification - its application to medical research and diagnostic purposesIlanthodi, KeerthanaGopalakrishna Prabhu K