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13-Jun-2019Role of Cytokines in Rheumatoid Arthritis A Systems Biology ApproachDey,PoulamiSrivatsan,R
14-Jun-2019Molecular genetics of Congenital ocular anomaliesNair, Vidya GopinathanVasavada, Abhay R
8-Jul-2019Fertility and Gonadal Function in Male Mice Treated with sorafenibShetty,Surekha DevdasaBairy, Laxminarayana K and Kamath,Ullas
8-Jul-2019Impact of atmospheric pollution on soil and waters around Nandikur southwest coast of IndiaMilind,Gune MinalBalakrishna,K and Udaya Shankar H N
8-Jul-2019Influence of DNA repair on cognitive function and autophagy in stress induced rats and its modulation by shankhpushpi rasayanaRaghu K SGuruprasad K P and Joshi Manjunath B
8-Jul-2019Clinical and Molecular Evaluation of Common Inherited Arthropathies in the Indian PopulationBhavani Lakshmi GK M Girisha and Shah Hitesh and Dalal Ashwin B
5-Jul-2019Evaluation of detoxification of lead in preparation of Nagabhasma Multi organ approach to explore the possible anatomical histopathological embryological and cellular alterationsQuadros Lydia SBhat Kumar M R and Kamath Shobha U
5-Jul-2019Development and Evaluation of Targeted Delivery Systems of Temozolomide against GliomaAttari,ZenabKoteshwara,KB and Rao Mallikarjuna C
5-Jul-2019Bioavailability enhancement of Ritonavir and Saquinavir by Co amorphous technologyDengle,Swapnil JBhat,Krishnamurthy and Shenoy,Gautham G
5-Jul-2019Development of gel formulation of biosynthesized Copper nanoparticles for supplement therapy in postmenopausal osteoporosisTiwari,MradulRao,Venkata J and Udupa,N


Year Completed