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23-Jul-2019Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Non_Peptide Inhibitors of B_SecretaseGurjar, Archana ShriramVelingkar, V. S.
1-Aug-2019Physico_Chemical Characterization of Some Bhasmas With Emphasis on Bhasmas of SaltSayed, AfshanSathe, Padmakar A.
3-Jun-2019Application of Isatin Derivative as an Analytical Reagent for the Determination of Transition and Noble Metal Ions at Trace Level
3-Jun-2019Nano Catalyst In The Synthesis of HeterocyclesKurade, Swapnil Krishna LataDabholkar, Vijay V.
3-Jun-2019Phytochemical Screening and Development of a Rapid Hptlc Method for the Standardization of Polyherbal Ayurvedic Formulations Containing Various Ficus SpeciesWilson, ValsammaShetye, Sugandha S.
3-Jun-2019Isolation Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Natural Components from Vinca Rosea _Periwinkle_ PlantKulkarni, Tanushri SiddeshMeshram, Gangadhar A.
29-May-2019Studies on Standardization of Euphorbia prostrata W_Ait_ and Basella alba Linn _var _alba Having Antidiabetic Activity Using Analytical MethodsShinde, Apeksha Shrikant UrmilaDonde, Kaminij
3-Jun-2019Studies on Common Organic POISONOUS Compounds by ChromatographyDeshpande, Deepti. S.Srivastava, Ashwini K.
3-Jun-2019Synthesis Characterization of Novel Schiff Bases Derived from Benzofuran and Its Metal Complexes and their Biological ActivitiesNazirkar, Bhushan Parshuram VaishaliYamgar, Ramesh S.
26-Mar-2019Simultaneous determination of active ingredients of a combined drug formulations by electroanalytical methodsSalvi, Vaibhav Suresh SujataSathe, Padmakar A