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21-Aug-2019Impact of Herbicide Machete on Nitrogen Ficing Potential of Blue Green Alga Anabeana SPPandey DurgeshAgrawal S R
31-Jan-2019Evaluation Of Lathyrus Sativus Law Neurotoxin Cultivars For Environmental Stability And Attempts To Further Improve The SameTRIPATHI VINAYSINGH C B
12-Feb-2019Impact Of Nitrogen On Phosphate Acquisition And Accumulation A Correlative Function In N2 Fixing CyanobacteriaMISHRA SHWETAPANDEY MEENAKSHEE
1-Jul-2019Ecological Survey of Weed Plants its Impact on Phytodiversity of Grass Land and its Allelopathic Effect on Growth and Germination of Important CropsVerma SwatiPandey Meenakshee
6-Mar-2019Studies of Blight Disease Caused by Alternaria Through Intergrated Approach In Wheat PlantSingh Vikram ShrmendarSingh B D
29-Apr-2019Studies on Damping Off Disease of Tomato Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill In Nursery BedsYadav ManishaYadav F D
1-Aug-2019Studies on the Metabollism of Cucurbita Pepo L Infected with Three Strains of Pumpkin Mosaic Virus and its ControlSrivastava ShaliniSingh N K
1-Aug-2019Studies on Yellow Mosaic Disease of Okra Abelmoschus Esculentus L Moench With Special Reference to Host Metabolisn ManagementSingh Manoj KumarChauhan J S
23-May-2019Study Of Seed Germination Viability Enhancement By Using Different Treatments In Cleome Viscosa Seeds And Characterizntion Of Morphological And Bipchemical Markera Of High Seed YieldContaining Anti Hepntoprotective CompoundKrishna SwadhintaYadav F D
1-Aug-2019Studies on Wild and Stem Blight Pathogens of Pigeon Pea and Their ManagementSrivastava ManjuMall T P