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dc.description.abstractIdentity issue has remained a very complex problem and bone of contention for mankind newlineever since the dawn of civilization. The identity questions have kept changing with time. newlineDifferent voices from margins throughout the world have been reproducing their newlinereactions to such complex changes through their Writings. In recent times, Dalit writers newlinehave effectively employed writings as a strong vehicle to express their suppressed ego. newlineIn the process they have developed a whole body of literature that unravels the newlineideological and cultural prejudices of all pervasive caste system in its long march of newlinehistory. Dalit writings depict the subversive caste system that dominated their lives and newlinedeprived them of dignity and self-respect. The caste system has been used as a tool by newlineupper caste Hindus to hegemony over the economy, culture and even their newlineconsciousness. Their identities have been misrepresented in a stereotypical manner perpetuating them to centuries of everlasting humiliation and misery. In the last few newlinedecades, this superimposed identity has become a site where Dalit writers are contesting, newlineresisting and subverting this essentialized- yoke and in the process exposing the newlinemachinations behind this imposition of identity. Their narratives unearth the process by newlinewhich their identity is congealed and essentialized to legitimize their sufferings. Such newlinenegative identity always leads to identity crisis which remains the prime motivational newlineforceand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;behindand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;theand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;emergenceand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;ofand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;whatand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;isand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;calledand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584; Protest literature. Around the newlineorbit of this powerful gravitational force, most of the satellites of the Protestand#1048584;and#1048584;and#1048584;literature and#1048584; newlineand the planets of various quotismsquot have been revolving.
dc.titleDisplaced and Misplaced Identity A Study of Contemporary Bangla Dalit Writings in English Translation
dc.creator.researcherMd Humayun Sk
dc.subject.keywordArts and Humanities,Religion,Religion
dc.subject.keywordDalit, Identity Crisis, Namashudra Movement, Displacement, Misplacement, Marishjhapi Massacre
dc.contributor.guideRanjit Kumar
dc.publisher.universityCentral University of Jharkhand
dc.publisher.institutionDepartment of English Studies
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