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Title: Utilization of Carbon Dioxide and Other Renewable Materials in the Production of Specialty Polymers and Catalyst
Guide(s): Jain Suman Lata,Chhibber V. K.
Keywords: Renewable materials, Specialty polymers, carbon dioxide, chicken feather, biodegradable.
University: Uttarakhand Technical University
Completed Date: 22-11-2017
Abstract: Utilization of renewable materials as feed stocks has attracted great technological interest during the past decades, mainly due to their low cost and easily availability. On the other hand waste management is one of the biggest problems of environmental economics. Currently, researches have gone dumpster diving in their hunt to make biodegradable, sustainable and valuable chemicals. For these purposes, polymers from carbon dioxide are one of the biggest achievements. On the other hand polymers and chemicals from the chicken feather, is promising for application to the nation. newlineThe thesis is related to the preparation of metal salts of amino acids derived from low cost, biodegradable amino acids and corresponding metal precursors and their uses in the synthesis of po1y carbonate polymers formed by the copolymerization CO2 and epoxides. newlineAn efficient and simple method for graft copolymerization of the powdered CF with vinyl monomers by using sodium dodecylsulfate without any free radical initiator is reported. newlineThis thesis describes the synthesis of magnetically separable CF catalyst for the oxidation of alcohols and sulfides to the corresponding carbonyl compounds and sulfoxides, respectively using t butyl hydroperoxide as oxidant with complete selectivity. Magnetic nanoparticles coated with a CF were synthesized and subsequently grafted with palladium nanoparticles using in situ preparation approach. The synthesized catalyst showed excellent activity for Suzuki cross coupling reaction. newlineFurthermore, the first successful application of CF in the development of biodegradable and eco friendly lubricant additives is described. The applicability of this CF derived additive as a biodegradable and ecofriendly lubricating oil additive was investigated by testing the antioxidant, lubricity, and anti corrosion properties in polyol which was taken as a reference base fluid. newline newline
Pagination: 126 Pages
Appears in Departments:Department of Chemistry

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