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18-Aug-2011Theoretical and experimental analysis of mechanical incorporation of biomass for soil fertility improvementVirappa, Adake RavikantKumar, A C S; Mayande, V M
18-Aug-2011Desidn simulation and fabrication of micromachined acceleration sensorSiva Prasad, M S YMurthy, P V R
8-Aug-2011Experimental investigations on a four stroke compression ignition engine using eco-friendly non-edible vegetable oilsRao, Chandra Vishnu MohanSita Rama Raju, A V; Govindarajulu, K
19-Apr-2012Design optimization of refrigeration system for alternative refrigerantsSrinivas, PSita Rama Raju, A V; Rao, K Narayana
3-Sep-2012Integration of feature recognition and CNC code generation for AXI symmetric rotary parts in a typical CIM environmentPabba, SrikanthRao, C S P; Janardhana, G Ranga
3-Sep-2012Investigations on synthesis and characterization of nanoceramic composites and simulation studies on modeling and analysis of single & multi walled carbon nanotubesPandu, RatnakarRavinder Reddy, P; Gupta, A V S S K S
3-Sep-2012Characterisation and simulation of deep drawing process through finite element analysisUday Kumar, RRavinder Reddy, P; Sitarama Raju, A V
24-Aug-2012Ultra-tight integration of global position system, Pseudolites and inertial navigation system using Kalman filterLaxminarayana, GMurthy Sarma, N S; Lalkishore, K
5-Sep-2012Friction surfacing of stainless steel over low carbon steel and charecterization of depositGovardhan, DMurti, K G K; Kumar, A C S
23-Apr-2013Parametric study and thermodynamic analysis of supercritical power cycleSatyanarayana IRajulu, K Govinda