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25-Jan-2018Studies on morphology_anatomy and histophysiology of the digestive organs and their relationship with the food and feeding habits in the Indian freshwater featherbacks Notopterus notopterus_Pallas_and Notopterus chitala_HAMGhosh, AmitabhaMoitra, S K and Dehadrai, P V
13-Jul-2018Chromosome analysis of black rats from parts of Eastern India and Andaman Islands with special reference to constitutive heterochromatin distribution and sensitivity of chromosome pairs 1 and 9 to induced aberrationsBhattacharya, SekharesChakrabarti, Samar
13-Jul-2018Effcet of thyroxine on the Developing central nervous system and liver of Chick embryosPalit, MillyMedda, Jitendra Nath
17-Jul-2018Influence of soil factors on the distribution of collembolan fauna in cultivated and uncultivated fields of West BengalHazra, Ashis KumarChoudhuri, D K
17-Jul-2018Biology bioenergetics and phenology of argina cribraria clerck _Lepidoptera _ arctiidae_Mahapatra, Anup KumarBanerjee, T C
17-Jul-2018Effects of fertilizers organic manure and insecticides on soil arthropods associated with vegetable cropsGhosh, Syama PrasadRoy, Subrata
17-Jul-2018Studies on the chironomine midges of the Eastern Himalayas with special reference to the duars of West Bengal _Diptera _ chironomidae_Dutta, Tapan KumarChaudhuri, P K
17-Jul-2018Investigations on the effects of polluted sewage effluents on the population structure of soil microarthropods at greater Calcutta areaChattopadhyay, AchintyaChoudhuri, D K and Hazra, A K
23-Jul-2018Some aspects of behavioural ecology of stray dogs _Canis familiaris_ in urban and rural environmentsGhosh, BhudebChoudhuri, D K and Pal, Bikas Chandre
23-Jul-2018Studies on the size distribution and activity of some hemipteran insects with light trapsMondal, Abu El ShokeranaBanerjee, T C