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25-Jan-2018Studies on morphology_anatomy and histophysiology of the digestive organs and their relationship with the food and feeding habits in the Indian freshwater featherbacks Notopterus notopterus_Pallas_and Notopterus chitala_HAMGhosh, AmitabhaMoitra, S K and Dehadrai, P V
25-Jan-2018Palaeopalynology of the lower Gondwana sedimentary deposits of Bajora area of Bankura District_West Bengal_IndiaKarmakar, Samir KumarRoy, S K
13-Jul-2018Chromosome analysis of black rats from parts of Eastern India and Andaman Islands with special reference to constitutive heterochromatin distribution and sensitivity of chromosome pairs 1 and 9 to induced aberrationsBhattacharya, SekharesChakrabarti, Samar
13-Jul-2018Extracellular production of glutamic acid and valine by Bacillus SPChatterjee, ShyamalenduChatterjee, S P
13-Jul-2018Physiobiochemical and genetical studies on the effects of chemical mutagen in some rice varietiesChoudhuri, Subha AcharyyaChatterjee, Salil Kumar
13-Jul-2018Production of lysine from hydrocarbon by Arthrobacter SP and Micrococcus SPSen, Sukanta KumarChatterjee, S P
17-Jul-2018Studies on the floristics of Singhbhum District Bihar _ Part 1Nandi, Subhash ChandraMukherjee, P K
16-Jul-2018Studies on the mechanism of monocarpic senescence in riceRay, SubrataChoudhuri, M A
17-Jul-2018Palynology of some lower gondwana coal seams from Pandabeswar and Ukhra areas of the eastern coalfields of West Bengal IndiaDas, SwapnaRoy, S K
17-Jul-2018Zamindas and patnidars _ a study on subinfeudation under permanent settlementBhattacharyya, HarasankarAnonymous