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dc.description.abstractquotA number of recent studies have reported role of inflammation in depression. In this context, the aim of the present study was to examine the effects of anti- inflammatory drugs like Diclofenac sodium, aspirin, dexamethasone and the prototypical antidepressant, amitriptyline, in single dose studies in albino mice and SD rats and with repeated treatments in the interferon model and chronic mild stress (CMS) model of depression in SD rats. The study further examined the association between the central neurotransmitters and inflammatory mediators in depressive behavior. newline newlineA preliminary behavioral study using single dose of anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressant was done in SD rats and albino mice. The drugs used were diclofenac sodium (10 mg/kg) aspirin (10 mg/kg, p. o.) dexamethasone (1mg/kg p. o.) and amitriptyline (10 mg/kg p. o., reference standard) respectively. Amitriptyline was also used in combination with aspirin and dexamethasone to inspect any synergistic effects. Tests performed were forced swim test (FST) in rats and tail suspension test (TST), elevated plus maze (EPM) and Light dark box. In the single dose studies, the rats treated with dexamethasone and aspirin showed decrease in immobility time in FST in rats and TST in mice. Further mice treated with dexamethasone showed an increased anxiolytic behavior in the Light dark box. Aspirin also showed decrease in immobility in FST and TST but no remarkable effect seen with the use of amitrytilline and Diclofenac sodium. newline newlineThis was followed by studies using the repeated treatments of above drugs in interferon - and#945;- 2b model (21 days study) of depression CMS model (28 days study) in male SD rats. Tests performed in both the studies included Sucrose preference test, behavioural tests like Forced swim test, elevated plus maze test , light dark box test, locomotor activity using the photo-actometer. This was followed by biochemical tests like serum cortisol measurements and brain neurotransmitters estimation at the end of the studies. Disease control group
dc.titleAssociation between central neurotransmitters and inflammatory mediators in depressive state An experimental study
dc.creator.researcherShailendra S Bhatt
dc.subject.keywordinflammation, depression, neurotransmitter,neuroimmonological disorder,aspirin,
dc.contributor.guideSunita Goswami
dc.publisher.universityGujarat Technological University
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