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dc.coverage.spatialCatalysis, Green chemistry
dc.description.abstractquotCoal energized the 19th century while oil worked for the 20th century. The question that remains pending is the future energy source. With the expanding population, growing demands from industrialization and rising concern for environment preventative measure, total dependence on fossil fuel resources is not sustainable. Hence there is an urgent need for a green and sustainable fuel provoked research into biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels. There is a need to identify a suitable biomass derived species, which can provide high value outputs in order to replace conventional fossil fuel resources. Bioethanol is one of such biomass derived platform molecule which has a potential to be a sustainable feedstock of variety of commodity chemicals. For instance, Acetaldehyde which majorly produced from the oxidation of ethylene (Wacker process) can be produced via one - step gas phase conversion of bioethanol. With the growing availability of bioethanol, oxidation of bioethanol to value added chemicals has been considered as feasible process. newlineWith this back - ground, the main goal of the study is to investigate the effect of noble metals, metal oxides and metal/oxide loading on the conversion as a function of temperature for the oxidation of bioethanol in air. In the first part of this work liquid phase oxidation of bioethanol was carried out with Au and Ag supported on various type of zeolites. Reaction parameters like pressure, O2/ethanol molar ratio, effect of alkali and reaction time has also been studied. It was observed that presence of water hindered that catalytic activity of the catalysts which resulted into poor conversion of bioethanol. newlineThe second part of this work described the preparation, characterization and catalytic study of Au, Ag and Au - Ag over SiO2, CeO2 and ZrO2 in the gas phase oxidation of bioethanol as a function of reaction temperature. Among the 1 wt% Au supported on SiO2, CeO2 and ZrO2 catalysts, Au/ZrO2 was found to be very active for bioethanol oxidation. The improved catalytic perfo
dc.titleBioethanol Oxidation to Value Added Products
dc.title.alternativeBioethanol Oxidation to Value Added Products
dc.creator.researcherParesh H. Rana
dc.subject.keywordBioethanol, Oxidation, Metal-Support interaction, Catalyst
dc.contributor.guideParimal A Parikh
dc.publisher.universityGujarat Technological University
dc.publisher.institutionChemical Engineering
Appears in Departments:Chemical Engineering

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