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27-Sep-2019Synthesis characterization photocatalytic Studies of cation anion doped titanates and MolybdatesRAMAKRISHNA SINGURUVithal M
18-Sep-2019Design and Development of Palladium and Macmillan Catalysts for Organic TransformationsKISHORE RAMINENILakshmi Kantam, M
17-Sep-2019Decomposition of CH4 over Ni based catalysts for pure H2 Production a value addition processANJANEYULU CHATLAVenu Gopal, A
9-Sep-2019Studies on synthesis of indole quinoline and Coumarin based 1 2 3 triazoles and their Biological evaluationSrinivas GunduAshok D
3-Sep-2019A Novel green synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles characterization and ApplicationsBHAGAVANTH REDDY, GVEERABHADRAM, G
3-Sep-2019Copper Tbai Catalyzed Oxidative Cross Couplings Activation of small Organic Molecules towards C N and C O Bond FormationSANTHOSH KUMAR, PRAJENDER REDDY, K
1-Jul-2019Donor Acceptor Systems Based on Tetrapyrrolic Building BlocksJAIPAL KANDHADIGiribabu, L
23-Jul-2018C N and C C Bond Formation Rections Using Transition MetalsPremalatha ASai Prakash P K
23-Jul-2018Stereoselective Synthesis of Cytospolide P and E Synthesis of 2 Chloronicotinaldehydes Based Heterocyclic Compounds Evaluation of Their Biological ActivitiesSuman PChina Raju B
15-Jun-2018Development of Solid Catalysts for the Conversion of Glycerol to Value Added ChemicalsSrinivas MSai Prasad P S
14-Jun-2018Formal Total Synthesis of Neopeltolide Synthesis of C1 C13 Fragment of Mandelalide A and Synthetic Studies of CallyspongiolideSudhakar ASubhash Ghosh
11-Jun-2018Glycerol Steam Reforming to HydrogenSurendar MSai Prasad P S
11-Jun-2018Development of New Approaches to Cyclopentenes and Fused Cyclopentenes from Morita Baylis Hillman Adducts of Acetylenic AldehydesKumarswamy PRaji Reddy Ch
11-Jun-2018Synthesis Characterization and Properties of Novel Pendant Carboxylic Acid and Azo Containing ABA Type TRI Block Copolymers and their ApplicationsRaja Sekhar TSesha Sainath A V
25-May-2018Studies on Proteins and Amino Acid Based SurfactantsSreenu MPrasad R B N
24-May-2018First Total Synthesis of Fuzanins Synthesis and Bio evaluation of Novel Heterocyclic CompundsNaveen Kumar SJayathirtha Rao V
18-May-2018Synthesis Characterization and Catalytic Applications of Transition Metal Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Embeedded in SBA 15 MatricesSaidulu GDavid Raju B
18-May-2018Synthesis of Nitrogen Containing Compounds Over Zeolite Molecular Sieves and Oxidative Halogenations Using Eco Friendly ReagentsMahendar Reddy MNarender N
17-May-2018Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and Fuel Additives Over Ruthenium Based Catalysts from Renewable ResourcesSynthesis of Fine Chemicals and Fuel Additives Over Ruthenium Based Catalysts from Renewable ResourcesLakshmi Kantham M
27-Apr-2018Separation and Mass Spectral Characterization of Betaines and Dimethy 1 Amino Acids and their Role in Stabilization of BiomoleculesNaresh Chary VPrabhakar S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 149