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Title: Study of Parametric Instabilities in Laser Plasma Interaction at High Power Laser
Researcher: Gauniyal Rakhi
Guide(s): Purohit Gunjan, Bhatnagar Manoj
Keywords: Laser Plasma interaction, Laser ripple, relativistic ponderomotive, nonlinearity, Ion acoustic wave, Hollow Gaussian Laser beam, self-focusing, stimulated Brillouin back scattering, cross-focusing, collisionless plasma, Electron Plasma wave, particle acceleration, Second harmonic generation, stimulated Raman scattering
University: Uttarakhand Technical University
Completed Date: 23-1-2017
Abstract: The nonlinear interaction of ultra intense laser beams with plasmas is a frontier area of research due to its relation to many potential applications ranging from the acceleration of charged particles to fast ignition in inertial confinement fusion. For these applications the issue of the laser pulse stability is important as the propagation of a laser pulse in a plasma is subject to various instabilities such as self focusing filamentation SRS SBS harmonic generation collectively known as the Parametric Instabilities and they have been studied for decades in the context of the laser driven fusion and particle acceleration. This thesis presents an analytical and numerical study of parametric instabilities in laser plasma interaction at relativistic powers in the context of ICF and charged particle acceleration. In the first part of the present thesis combined effect of relativistic and ponderomotive nonlinearities on the self focusing and filamentation of intense laser beam in unmagnitized collisionless plasma have been studied. In addition growth of ring spike in collisionless plasma have also been studied for different laser powers and plasma densities. Second harmonic generation is one of very important nonlinear process in laser produced plasma which is routinely used to track the passage of high intensity laser pulses through under dense plasma targets. The effect of self focused hollow Gaussian laser beam on the generation of second harmonic radiation has been investigated under relativistic pondermotive regime. The results are compared with only relativistic nonlinearity. The effect of relativistic and ponderomotive nonlinearities on the propagation of two intense hollow Gaussian laser beams also have been investigated. In order to understand the dynamics of these parametric instabilities in LPI, different profiles of laser beam such as Gaussian rippled ring ripple and hollow Gaussian with WKB and higher order Paraxial ray approximations has been used. newline newline newline
Pagination: 225 pages
Appears in Departments:Department of Physics

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