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24-Jul-2017Synthesis and screening of some bio_active heterocyclic compoundsMore, Mohan SKarale, B K
20-Jun-2017Synthetic studies towards bioactive molecules using asymmetric dihydroxylation and organic transformation using yttria_zirconia and other heterogeneous catalystRamalingam, SPradeep Kumar
25-Jul-2017Design synthesis and conformational studies of foldamers with novel backbonesKendhale, Amol MurlidharraoSanjayan, G J
24-Jul-2017Controlled degradation of diene elastomers_ photo_controlled degradation of natural rubberSingh Solanky, ShailendraSingh, R P
24-Jul-2017Electrochemical and structural study of organic heterocyclic polymeric electrode materialsShamshad, K BRao, B S M
24-Jul-2017Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of organic functional groups using Ni_ Ru complexes and asymmetric induction using racemic chiral and achiral ligands and synthetic applicationsKhair Sattar, ArunaIyer, Suresh
24-Jul-2017Synthesis of biodegradable poly_Lactic acid_ polymersShyamroy, SubarnaSivaram, S
21-Aug-2017Receptor mediated drug design for breast and colon cancersPadhye, Shreelekha SubhashRane, Sandhya Y
24-Jul-2017Structural and antimicrobial investigations of nontransitional and transitional metal chelates of 1_2 and 1_4_naphthoquinone derivativesRasale, Suresh PandurangKulkarni, B A
24-Jul-2017D glucose derived nitrone in the synthesis of quinolizidine indolizidine alkaloids and aminocyclopentitol promising glycosidase inhibitorsJachak, Santosh MadhukarDhavale, Dilip D