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Title: Study of Yttrium Doping in Mg Ni Cd Nanoferrites Prepared by Sol Gel Method Structural Magnetical and Optical Properties
Researcher: Bhise Ramesh Baburao
Guide(s): Rathod S.M.
Keywords: Yttrium doping
University: Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University
Completed Date: 2017
Abstract: A simple, effective and low temperature technique was used to synthesis nanoferrite newlinematerials. To investigate the effect of rare earth element Yttrium substituted in Mg-Ni- newlineCd nanoferrite as (A)x (B)y Fe2 O4 (where A is combination of Mg-Ni-Cd metal nitrate newlineand B is rare earth metal (Yttrium) nitrate for x= 1 and y = 0.025,0.050, 0.075, 0.100 and newline0.125). All the metals used for synthesis were analytical grade in nitrate form. The newlinesynthesized samples were characterized by TGA/DTA, FT-IR, XRD, UV-visible, SEM, newlineTEM, EDAX, electrical and dielectric properties. The X-ray diffraction patterns of all the newlinesamples provided the information about spinel cubic structure. Also the micro strain, newlineporosity, particle size and lattice parameter were determine by XRD. The chemical newlinecompositions of the samples were confirmed by energy dispersive X-ray analysis newline(EDAX). The SEM and TEM study provided information about surface morphology of newlineparticles and their uniform particle distribution. The SAED pattern represented the spinel newlinenature of the resultant ferrite nanoparticles. UV-visible spectroscopy was used to obtain newlineband gap energy of the samples. The FT-IR spectra showed two strong absorption bands newlinein the range of 424 to 550 cm-1, which confirm the presence of M-O stretching band of newlineferrites. The magnetic properties of the synthesized samples were investigated using newlineVSM/Hysteresis Loop tracer at room temperature. The AC electrical resistivity was newlinemeasured using LCR and DC electrical resistivity was measured using two probe newlinemethods. newlinePresent research work reports the effect of Yttrium doping in Mg-Ni-Cd for newlineenhancing the properties of synthesized nanoferrite materials. The synthesized ferrite newlinematerials have wide applications in several areas such as high frequency electronic newlinedevices, technology, sensors, magnetic core, energy storage, microwave device, and newlineelectromagnetic interference. newline
Pagination: 2014p
Appears in Departments:School of Physical Sciences

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