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8-Jan-2018Toxicological studies of fly ash and its leachate on earthworm and microorganisms in soilMahakur, DharitriMishra, P C
10-Jan-2018Recovery kinetics of Drawida Willsi michaelsen a dominant crop field earthworm following application of an organochlorine organophosphorus and carbamate type of pesticidePanda, SmeetaSahu, Sanjat K
10-Jan-2018Ecotoxicology of the effluent of a galvanizing factory on soil Oryza Sativa L Rice plant and Drawida Willsi Michaelsen OligochaetaPanda, RanjitaSahu, Sanjat K
10-Jan-2018Environmental status of Urban ecosystem at Hirakud with reference to emissions by smelter and power plantsPradhan, KhageshwarMishra, P C
10-Jan-2018Earthworm activity and soil metabolism in soil treated with carbaryl insecticidePradhan, Sunanda ChandraMishra, P C
8-Jan-2018Functional perturbation in Yamuna river ecosystem at Delhi due to pollution loadBehera, Pradyumna KumarMishra, P C
10-Jan-2018Bioremediation of fly ash pollution for agricultural use through earthworm activityPati, Sharada ShrinivasSahu, Sanjat Kumar
8-Jan-2018Safety health and environmental management practices in Bargarh cement limited of Orissa in the context of globalisationPradhan, M KMishra, P C
8-Jan-2018Effect of composted municipal solid waste on growth characteristics heavy metal context and genotoxicity of some crop plantsMishra, MamataSahu, S K
2-May-2018Ecology of soil nematodes in a natural and afforested teak forest of Sambalpur Orissa A comparative studyNayak, Hema KumarSahu, Sanjat Kumar