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29-Jan-2020Habit of television viewing and impact on weight status and behaviour among school age children and assess the effectiveness of video assisted teaching programme on effect of television on children to care givers in a selected urban area of Aurangabad districtPatil, Ninganagouda GMhaske, Anuradha N
29-Jan-2020A comprehensive analysis of shoulder muscles among people with diabetesWani, SurendraMullerpatan, Rajani
29-Jan-2020Proliferative capacity and functional activity of retinal progenitor cells in developing human fetusesMane, PrakashSabnis, Anjali
29-Jan-2020The Effectiveness of Awareness Program On the Practices of Biomedical Waste Management among Nurses Working in Selected Hospitals in AurangabadBiradar, Vishwanath SMhaske, Anuradha N
7-Jan-2020Development characterization and clinical validation of in vitro diagnostic method for diagnosis of breast cancerHaidar ShoaibCaugh Maoj, Puri Chander P
24-Feb-2020GAD 65 Autoantibodies as a Novel Marker in the Diagnosis of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults LADAPachpute, Preeti S.Badade Z G and Rai Sandeep
29-Jan-2020To study effect of topical corticosteroids on blood pressure blood sugar and blood calcium in healthy volunteers and in patients requiring topical corticosteroids therapyJavsen, Chetan SDeshmukh Y A
19-Mar-2020A study to assess the effectiveness of video assisted teaching programme on disaster management among nursing students in selected nursing colleges of AurangabadBuyite, Satishchandra TMhaske, Anuradha N
19-Mar-2020Effect of oxytetracycline and doxycycline on neuromuscular functionKatlam, SavitriDeshmukh, Y A
20-Jan-2020Influence of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic media in continuous and pulsed modes of Therapeutic Ultrasound in PhonophoresisSreeraj, S RBellare Bharati and Ray Ipseeta