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24-Feb-2020Microbiological Study of Malaria and Standardization of Cost Effective Antimalarial Drugs Sensitivity Testing for Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparumSingh, GurjeetUrhekar A.D.
26-Nov-2019Evaluation of multi sized Gold Nanoparticles Associated Reproductive Toxicity in Male and Female Zebrafish Danio rerioDayal, NavamiJoshi, D. S. and Thakur, Mansee
3-Jan-2020Effects of glycemic control on oxidative stress markers in type 2 diabetes mellitusMulani, Manzura R.Hatolkar, Veena S.
29-Oct-2019Effect of family psycho education on knowledge quality of life expressed emotions burden of disease and coping among caregivers of patients with schizophreniaBatra, Bharati S.Ghildiyl, Rakesh and Mathews Mary N.
7-May-2018Circulating microRNA profiling in tuberculosis and its association with drug resistant tuberculosisWagh,Vishal BhikajiUrhekar AD and Modi Deepak N.
7-May-2018Virulence factors molecular characterization and clinical correction of candida species isolated from various specimens in a tertiary care hospitalMukhia, Rakesh KumarUrhekar, A. D.
7-May-2018Development of natural dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors with cardioprotective potential in experimental diabetesBorde, Manjusha K.Ray, Ipseeta
7-May-2018Efficacy and mechanisms of natural dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors in experimental diabetes with metabolic syndromeRajesh Kumar SumanRay, Ipseeta
27-Apr-2018Microbiological and genomic study of aspergillosis and standardization of cost effective antifungal drug susceptibility testingRakshaUrhekar AD
12-Mar-2020Clinicmicrobiological study of mycoplasma pneumonia induced atypical pneumoniaBhattacharjee, MinakshiUrhekar, A D.