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Keywords: Population Growth, Density, Literacy, Sex Ratio, Fertility
University: Solapur University
Completed Date: 31-01-2017
Abstract: INTRODUCTION Traditionally, Geography has been concerned with man-environment relationship. The subject geography involves wide range of knowledge therefore Geography is divided into two main branches i.e. Physical Geography and Human Geography. Human geography is related to man and his activities on the earth surface. Population Geography is one of the modern Branch of Human Geography. DEFINITIONS OF POPULATION GEOGRAPHY newlineAccording to Merriam Websterand#8223;s collegiate dictionary (2004) populations means the whole number of people or inhabitants in a country or region. According to John I. Clarke (1965), Geography of population was concerned with demonstrating how spatial variations in distribution, composition, migration and growth are related to the spatial variation in the nature of places. Population Geography may be defined as the analysis and geographic interpretation of spatial variation of the structure and value of demographic phenomena. These phenomena analyze the size and changes of population growth and distribution (Garnier, 1978). SIGNIFICANCE OF PROBLEM newlineThe study of population characteristics is very important from the view point of socioeconomic development and human well being. newline Population Growthand#8223; is the most fundamental demographic process with which all other demographic attributes are directly or indirectly associated with it. It determines density, distribution pattern and composition of population and is influenced by economic factors, such as standard of living and per capita income (Ghosh 1985). Therefore, an understanding of the process of population change is essential in geographical studies. newlineThe uneven distribution of population is a significant factor influencing various aspects of human life. It is, therefore, essential to study distribution of population since it influences the future plans for development, political moves and rate of newline3 newline newlinedevelopment (Chandna, 2009). Population density is the most fundamental demographic process with which all other demographic attributes are directly or indirectly associated (Ghosh 1985). Density of population helps us in understanding nature of population distribution. Study of density of population is important from the view point of population pressure on the resources and related issues. While introducing new transporting network, it is essential to know density of population of a region (Sawant, Athavale 1994). newline Sex ratio is fundamental demographic characteristics of the geographic analysis of an area, because it is important feature of landscape, and it also influences on the other demographic elements. It has profound effect on the demographic structure of a region (Trewartha, 1953). The balance between the sexes is an important aspect of population structure. It affects birth rate, death rate, marital status, labor supply and employment. newline The study of literacy is essential for eradicating poverty and mental isolation for cultivating peaceful and friendly international relations and for permitting the free play of demographic processes. The illiteracy takes away from man his dignity, perpetuates ignorance, and hampers social advancement, economic growth and political maturity (Chandna, 2009). Literacy and education are the key factors for the rapid development of a country. newlineMigration keeps a balance between the distributions of population and the supply of natural resources. It increases the mobility. It is the fundamental process to change the structure of population and it contributes a lot for the understanding of the space-content and space-relation of a particular geographical area (Gosal, 1961). A movement of people as an instrument of cultural diffusion and social integration those results into more meaningful distribution of population. newlineThe development of any region or country and international status of any country depend on the development of human resources. Considering importance of population characteristics attempt is made to study of population characteristics in Kolhapur district. newline
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