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3-Jun-2015Management Information Systems in public sector organizationsNaveen Nicoias, ESampath Kumar, R
14-May-2015Structural biochemical and inhibitor development studies for M1 class proteasesRajesh, GumpenaAnthony, Addlagatta
10-Sep-2015Studies on up conversion luminescence of Er3 Yb3 plus codoped lead bismuth borate glasses mixed with some IIIA group sesquioxidesRaja Rao, YAppa Rao, B
24-Jul-2014Synthesis characterization and catalytic properties of modified heteropoly acid catalystsRamesh Kumar, ChLingaiah, N
24-Jul-2014Gold catalyzed coupling cyclization reactions for the synthesis of fused isoquinolines, bihydrobenzimidazoles and tetrahydroquinazolinesAnil Kumar, MPatil, Nitin T
24-Jul-2014Total synthesis of bioactive natural products alpinoid C Rhoiptelol C Kunstleramide and its analogues and nonenolideSudina, Purushotham ReddySabitha, G
8-Jun-2016Biomimetic synthesis of Heterocyclic derivatives using B Cyclodextrin as a catalyst under aqueous conditionsShankar, JillaNageswar, Y V D
8-Jun-2016Iron Catalyzed ortho e h functionalization of N2N dialkylanilines development of new synthetic methods for c c and c o bond forming reactions and their application to the synthesis of biologically active moleculesChiranjeevi, BChandrasekharam, M
3-Sep-2014Influence of petroleum on politics of Persian gulf countriesPouyan Babaei GilakjaniSatish Chandra A V
21-Sep-2017Design Synthesis and Development of Estrogen and Cationic Lipid Based Anticancer TherapeuticsSudhakar GRajkumar banerjee