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7-Aug-2014Biography of P S Narayana and his writings: a studyMallesh, DanduLaxminarayana Sharma, K
7-Aug-2014Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline and its composites for electrochemical supercapacitorsBal Sydulu SinguSrinivas, P
20-Aug-2014Design and analysis of permanent magnet hybrid stepper motor using finite element and equivalent circuit methodsSekhara Rao E V CPrasad P V N
20-Aug-2014Role and impact of IEC campaign on rural sanitation in Andhra PradeshSriram KNarender K
20-Aug-2014management of natural resources with special reference to water utilization in agriculture a case study of Andhra PradeshAnil Reddy ALaxmaiah G
21-Aug-2014The role of irrigation development in enhancing household food security a study of two small scale irrigation schemes in bale zone EthiopiaBerhanu Negeri DebeleNarayan Reddy K
8-Aug-2014The representation of womens political and social identity in Hollywood Bollywood and Iranian Cinema after 1990 a comparative studySamareh SherafatLaxmi, K
26-Aug-2014Studies on Spectroscopic properties of Alkali Fluoro Borate Glasses Containing certain Transition metal IonsRajashekar Reddy VKistaiah P
21-Aug-2014Proteomic and Lipidomic profile of Musca domestica L Diptera Muscidae Larvae challenged with BacteriaBikshapathy ENagaraja Rao P
11-Jul-2014Stereoselective total synthesis of obolactone and PF1163A diastereoselective allylation of iminium ion protocol for the total synthesis of deoxoprosopinine and studies towards total synthesis of deoxoprosophyllineSrinivas PalabindelaRadha Krishna P