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30-Jan-2017Isolation and characterization of hypovirulence associated mycovirus from Fusarium species isolated from apple orchards of Himachal PradeshSharma, MohitKulshrestha, Prof. Saurabh
30-Jan-2017ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF Sclerotinia sclerotiorum ISOLATES INFECTING CAULIFLOWER AND PEAKapatia,Mr AppoorvaKulshrestha, Prof Saurav
30-Jan-2017Screening and characterization of rhamnolipids producing bacteria from hydrocarbon contaminated soils and studies on their plant growth promoting activitiesRana,Ms Deepti RanaSharma, Prof. PC
30-Jan-2017Isolation and identification of heavy metal tolerant fungi from industrial effluents metal dumping sites and wastewater of Solan regionMs AnupriyaSharma, Prof. PC
30-Jan-2017Genetic divergence and association of genotypes and phytochemicals in Asparagus adscendens Roxb in Himachal PradeshThakur, SapnaSharma, Dr D R
30-Jan-2017Isolation and identification of lipase producing microbial isolates from soil samples of Kangra region of Himachal PradeshThakur, Ms ShivaniDeav, Dr Dev
27-Aug-2019Role of T Helper17 and T Regulatory Cells in Salmonella typhi Infection and Screening of Medicinal Plants as Therapeutic Intervention for TyphoidNehaFarooq, Umar
27-Aug-2019The Prevalence of Sasx Gene and Its Role in Pathogenicity of MRSA IsolatesDhiman, MohiniFarooq, Umar
19-Apr-2017Cloning and characterization of Polo like kinase Plo1 from Schizosaccharomyces pombeSharma; Mr NitinSourirajan; Prof Anuradha
19-Apr-2017Isolation and characterization of efflux pump inhibitors of Escherichia coli from plant sourcesKumar; Mr. RakeshSourirajan; Prof. Anuradha