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3-Dec-2014Molecular cloning and characterization of full length cDNA clones encoding for enzymes involved in asorbate glutathione pathway from pennisetum glaucum to understand their crucial role in oxidative stress toleranceRamesha, AReddy, M K and Chauhan, Virender S
25-Jan-2017Region of difference 1 (RD1) related immunogenicity of mycobacterium tuberculosis in murine hostChatterjee, SamitChauhan, V S
25-Jan-2017Development of a murine model of HIV 1 subtype C infection and role of Nef in viral pathogenesisAqil, MadeehaJameel, Shahid
25-Jan-2017Studies towards synthesis and selection of de novo proteins as potent inhibitors of crucial protein protein interactions of mycobacterium tuberculosisTharad, MeghaRangnathan, Anand
25-Jan-2017Role of mycobacterium tuberculosis secreted proteins in modulation of the host cell immune functionsAgarwal, RichaSharma, Pawan
2-Dec-2014Designing protein Peptide based inhibitors against selected essential proteins of Mycobacterium TuberculosisKrishan KumarRanganathan, Anand and Chauhan, V. S.
2-Dec-2014gC OneqR Medicated receptor Ligand interactions in plasmodium falciparum malariaHafiz, AbdulChitnis, Chetan and Chauhan, V S
2-Dec-2014Signals for Sequential release of apical organelles during Erythrocyte invasion by Malaria ParasitesAlam, MahmoodChitnis, Chetan E and Chauhan, V S
2-Dec-2014Regulation of cell cycle in the presence of Hepatitis B Virus X proteinKhattar, EktaKumar, Vijay and Chauhan V S
23-Oct-2017Development of a murine model of HIV 1 subtype C infection and role of Nef in viral pathogenesisAqil MadeehaShahid Jameel