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3-Dec-2014Molecular cloning and characterization of full length cDNA clones encoding for enzymes involved in asorbate glutathione pathway from pennisetum glaucum to understand their crucial role in oxidative stress toleranceRamesha, AReddy, M K and Chauhan, Virender S
2-Dec-2014Designing protein Peptide based inhibitors against selected essential proteins of Mycobacterium TuberculosisKrishan KumarRanganathan, Anand and Chauhan, V. S.
2-Dec-2014gC OneqR Medicated receptor Ligand interactions in plasmodium falciparum malariaHafiz, AbdulChitnis, Chetan and Chauhan, V S
2-Dec-2014Signals for Sequential release of apical organelles during Erythrocyte invasion by Malaria ParasitesAlam, MahmoodChitnis, Chetan E and Chauhan, V S
2-Dec-2014Isolation and characterization of DEAD box helicase from Plasmodium falciparumSingh, Prashant KumarPawan, Malhotra and Chauhan V S
1-Dec-2014Modulation of macrophage function by M tuberculosis 6 kDa early secreted antigenic target ESAT 6 proteinGanguly, NiladriSharma, Pawan
3-Dec-2014Protein protein interactions and viral host relationships of SARS coronavirus uncleocapsid proteinSatija, NamitaLal, Sunil K and Chauhan, V S
7-Feb-2014Protein trafficking machinery in the malaria parasite: molecular characterization of plasmodiumfalciparum homologues of P24 protein and computational analyses of P. falciparum P-Ioop NTPasesGangwar, DeeptiChauhan, V S; Asif Mohmmed
3-Dec-2014Transcriptional regulation of Costimulatory molecule CD80 in murine B lymphocytesVivehananthan, KalaivaniRao, V S Kanury
30-Jun-2014Adenovirus mediated expression and characterization of chimeric dengue envelope domain III proteinsKhanam, Saima-