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Researcher: S. VIKRAM
University: B S Abdur Rahman University
Completed Date: 13/03/2017
Abstract: Requirement of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles are growing in numerous fields since newlinethey exhibit fascinating properties especially at the Nano scale. Magnetic Drug newlineTargeting and Magnetic Hyperthermia are promising applications of Iron oxide newlinenanoparticles in medical field. Considering these factors, lot of research work newlinehas been undertaken in this interdisciplinary area to utilize the maximum newlineefficiency of these nanoparticles. newlineThis research work focuses on similar aspects like tuning the magnetic newlineproperties of Iron Oxide nanoparticles using coprecipitation technique with newlineparameters like Iron Ion compositing, alkali concentration and reaction newlineconditions were tuned to achieve required magnetic properties. The prepared newlinenanoparticles were characterized using X-Ray diffractometer, Fourier Transform newlineInfrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Transmission newlineelectron microscopy and Scanning electron spectroscopy. newlineIn addition, a time resolved UV-Vis setup was developed with a static magnetic newlinefield to investigate the suspension stability of iron oxide nanoparticles of varied newlineparticle size, with and without chelating agent and at two different magnetic newlinefields. The data was recorded over different times, which reveals interesting newlineinformation on the effect of chelating agent and applied magnetic field over the newlineiron oxide nanoparticles. Along with this study, a hydrodynamics set-up was newlinealso designed and developed to study the behavior of iron oxide nanoparticles. newlineParameters like retention time, wash away concentration and shedding of newlinenanoparticles in hydrodynamic conditions under the effect of magnetic field newlinewere focused and analyzed. In addition to these studies, an in-line newlinespectroscopic method is adapted to study the release of iron oxide newlinenanoparticles from an electrospun Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) nanofiber in a newlinehydrodynamic setup; the experiments were performed to analyze the release newlinemechanism of nanoparticles from nanofiber under hydrodynamic condition in a newlinetubular section. This process can be utilized for contro
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