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11-Nov-2016Design Synthesis Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling Studies of Thiazolidine and related Analogues as Anti HIV 1 AgentsUtsab BednathDr S B Katti
16-Oct-2018Effect of Aconitum Napellus and Onosma Echioides in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Neoropathy Central and Peripheral ApproachAmbreen ShoaibHefazat Hussain Siddiqui
16-Oct-2018Chemo preventive Potential of Natural Agents Against in Vitro Cell Line Model of Prostate CancerSarjeel KaleemHefazat Hussain Siddiqui
8-Apr-2015Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of Novel AntithromboticsSaxena, AmritaJain, Girish Kumar, Gayen, J.R. and Siddiqui, H.H.
26-Jun-2019Isolation and Biological Activities of Phytochemical Constituents of Some Indian Medicinal Plants and their DerivatizationSingh Vinod KumarAnuradha Mishra
17-May-2017Synthesis and Biological Screening of some potentially active hetero cyclic CompoundsArun KumarAshok k Shakya
15-Dec-2017Development of Novel Nano structured drug Delivery System of Silver Sulphadiazine Containing Aloe vera GelMd Abdul BarkatSatya Prakash Singh
29-Oct-2018Development and Evaluation of Silymarin Nano formulation for hepatic CarcinomaUsama AhmadJuber Akhtar
29-Oct-2018To Investigate the Effect of Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Triphala on Experimentally induced Gastric Ulcers in RatsMohammad KhushtarH H Siddiqui
18-Dec-2015Standardization phytochemical studies and immunomodulatory activity of Bombax ceiba linn and Averrhoa carambola linnShadma wahabHussain, Arshad and Farooqui, A.H.A.