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Guide(s): M. S. FAROOQUI
Keywords: Key words- Circulusarteriosus, CW, Anterior cerebral artery (ACA), Middle cerebral artery (MCA) and Posterior cerebral artery (PCA), variation, duplication, Brain, Anatomy, Branching patterns.
University: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences
Completed Date: 11/01/2016
Abstract: CW maintains the steady and constant supply to the brain. Its variations are newlinecommon. Preciseknowledge of the intracranial vascular anatomy is becoming newlineincreasingly important in neurosurgery totackle the diseases involving vasculature of newlinebrain. newlineObjective: The present study was planned to have the details of morphology, newlinemorphometry and symmetry of CW and all its components.In addition it was planned to newlinestudy the origin, course, branching pattern and termination of cerebral arteries. newlineMethods: Study was done on 170 human cadaveric brains. Careful dissection of the CW newlineand the cerebral arteries, was done for gettingmorphometrical and morphological details. newlineDissected specimens mounted on black plasic sheets, were preserved in 5 % formalin. newlineResults and Conclusions: Twenty three types of CW were found. Normal and complete newlineCW were 100 (58.82%) and CW with variations were 70 (41.17%). Variationsof newlinePCoA(45.88%) were maximum,followed by variations of ACoA(45.29%). newlineMorphological variations of A1 segment included, aplasia 2.35%, hypoplasia 5.88%, newlineduplication 5.29%. Azygos ACA was found in 20.58%. Five subtypes of the azygos ACA newlinewere found. Morphometry of A2 revealed mean length of 35.1± 1.51mm and mean newlinediameter of 2.5 ± 0.06mm. newlineAccessory and duplicated MCA were found in 2.05% and 0.88% respectively. Bifurcated newlineMCA 64.70%, trifurcated MCA 12.35%, quadrifurcatedMCA2.35% and single trunk newlinetermination of MCA 20.58% werenoted. Asymmetry was seen in 60%. Mean length and newlinediameter of the MCA was 25.5±15.58mm and 3±0.074mm respectively. newlineMorphological variations in termination of BA were seen in 17.64%. Bifurcation, newlineTrifurcation, Quadrifurcation, Pentafurcation and Nonfurcation of BA were seen in newline82.35%, 5.29%, 5.88%, 3.52% and 2.94% respectively. BA associated with aneurysm newlineand fenestration was seen in 3.52% and 1.17% respectively. Mean length and diameter of newlineBA was 30.27 ±3.50mm and 4.8±0.07 mm respectively. newlineMorphological variations of P1 segment included, aplasia 2.35%, hypoplasia 5.29%, newlineduplication 2.35%, fenestrat
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