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26-Aug-2019Biochemical Basis of Fusarium Resistance in Eruca sativa Cultivars in RajasthanSharma, NeetiSrivastava, Jyoti and Pant, B. D.
19-Feb-2018Evaluation of neuroprotective potential of bacoside A and bromelain against dichlorvos induced toxicity in the mice brainChaudhary, BhartiBist, Renu
14-Mar-2018Molecular analysis of aluminium stress in contrasting chickpea genotypesSharma, ManormaSharma, Vinay and Tripathi, Bhumi Nath
23-Aug-2019Studies On Chitinolytic Bacterial Strains From Desert Soils of RajasthanMeena, SavitaSAXENA, JYOTI ; M. KRISHNA MOHAN [and] GOTHWAL, R. K.
1-Aug-2019Isolation and characterization of alkaloids from Epipremnum species and their in vitro antitermite effect against Odontotermes obesusMeshram, AnjuSrivastava, Nidhi
19-Feb-2018Studies on Growth and Antioxidative Response in Safflower Carthamus tinctorius L under Copper StressGautam, SanskritiSrivastava, Nidhi
5-Aug-2019Antioxidant and Chemopreventive Potential of Indigofera tinctoria Linn Against N nitrosopyrrolidine Induced Oxidative Stress in Pulmonary tissue of Swiss Albino miceAgarwal, AasthaSharma, Veena
5-Aug-2019AMMI Analysis and Association Mapping for Iron and Zinc concentration in Lentil Lens culinaris subsp culinaris grainSingh, AkankshaSharma, Vinay and Dikshit, H.K.
1-Aug-2019Characterization of Methanogenic Bacterial Population in the Gastro Intestinal Tract of Camels Camelus dromedarius from IndiaFARAH NAZ FARIDISharma, Veena [and] Sena, Suchitra
2-Aug-2019Standardization of Screening Technique and Gene Tagging for Waterlogging Tolerance in Pigeon PeaTyagi, AnshikaSuresh Chand [and] Raje, R.S.