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13-Jun-2019Physicochemical study of diverse interactions of ionic liquids and biologically active solutes prevailing in liquid environmentsChoudhury, SubhankarRoy, Mahendra Nath,
13-Jun-2019Exploration of assortment of interfaces of some lonik liquids in solvent system by physicochemical approachRay, TanusreeRoy, Mahendra Nath
12-Jun-2019Organic polymeric additives for lubricating oilDas, MoumitaGhosh, Pranab
13-Jun-2019Studies on Solid Phase Organic Reactions and Catalysis Greener ApproachesRoy, BabliBasu, Basudeb
12-Jun-2019Quantum chemical calculation and structure activity relationship of bioactive terpenoidsBagchi, BhaskarBothra, Dr. Asim Kumar Ghosh Dr. Pranab
11-Oct-2017Synthesis and Physicochemical Studies on Coordination Compounds of molybdenum Copper Iron and Zinc with 2 Amino Substituted PterinsGhosh, BaidyanathRoy, Parag Sinchan
10-Oct-2017Greener approach to the synthesis of some novel class of isoxazolidine and isoxazoline derivatives using N methyl and N phenyl x chloro nitronesSharma, Parwin KumarGhosh, Prana and Chakraborty, Bhaskar
2-Apr-2018Viscosity index improver and pour point depressant properties of additives for lubricating oilMainul HoqueGhosh, Pranab,
2-Apr-2018Coordination chemistry of pteridine ligands with transition and d10 metalsBaisya, Siddhartha Sankar,Roy, Parag Sinchan,
15-Jun-2018Solution behaviour of some food additions and drugs in different aqueous media a physico chemical studySarkar, AbhijitSinha, Biswajit