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22-May-2017Poly ionic resins supported reagents and catalysts applications to c c and c heteroatom bond forming reactionsKundu, SekharBasu, Basudeb
22-May-2017Chemical transformation of carbocyclic compounds and screening for their biological activityChakraborty,PrasantaGhosh, Pranab
22-May-2017Physico chemical studies on selected amphiphiles and their aggregation behaviour in different mediaMoazzam AliSaha, S K
22-May-2017Platinum metal s complexes synthesis and characterizationAcharya,SuvraBandyopadhyay, P
22-May-2017Genomics of some pathogenic food bacteria and molecular modeling of their important toxins and their interactionsMondal,Uttam KumarSen, Arnab and Bothra, Asim K
22-May-2017Application of functionalised chelating resins for selective sorption of metal ions with special reference to heavy metalsDey, Gopal Ch.Roy, Abhijit
22-May-2017Studies on physico chemical characteristics of surfactant aggregation and behaviour of selected organic molecules in the organised mediaChakraborty, AmitabhaSaha, S K
22-May-2017Studies on solid phase organic synthesis applications to C C and C N bond forming reactionsPaul, SusmitaBasu, B
22-May-2017Physico chemical studies on various interactions in some industrial solvent systems and viscous synergy and antagonism prevailing in liquid mixturesSarkar, LovelyRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Co ordination complexes of organo tin compounds with some selected ligands a study on organo tin hydroxamatesChoudhuri, Soumitra KumarGhosh, A K