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10-Jul-2019Explorative studies on carbon nitrogen C N bond formation and synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsChakraborty, Rakesh RanjanGhosh, Pranab
10-Jul-2019Physicochemical studies on liposome mimetic systems and their complexes with biologically relevant polymersGuha, PritamPanda, Amiya Kumar,
3-Aug-2018Study to explore molecular inclusion complexes of cyclic hosts with vital guests in various environmentsRoy, Aditi,Roy, Mahendra Nath,
3-Aug-2018Solvent free synthesis of some heterocycles and their applicationsMossaraf, Hossain,Nanda, Ashis Kumar,
3-Aug-2018Studies on the Aggregation characteristics of selected surfactants and surface active ionic liquidsChakraborty, Gulmi,Saha, Swapan Kumar,
9-Sep-2019Explorative studies on carbon hetero bond transformation reaction and carbon hetero bond formation reactionPariyar, Gyan ChandraGhosh, Pranab
3-Aug-2018Investigation of diverse interactions and inclusion complexation in different environment by physicochemical methodologyRoy, Mahendra Nath,Barman, Biraj Kumar,
3-Aug-2018Physicochemical and theoretical investigations on the synthesis characterization and optoelectronic properties of nanoparticlesSinha, Banita,Panda, Amiya Kumar, and Misra, Anirban,
3-Aug-2018Multidentate ligand systems metal binding and applicationsMitra, Amritaa,Bandyopadhyay, P., and Biswas, A.N.,
9-Aug-2018Synthesis and performance evaluation of chemical additives for lube oilDey, KoushikGhosh, Pranab,