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23-Jun-2014Association of microflora with rubber Hevea brasiliensis and their beneficial rolesPhilip, ManjuThattil, Gabriel Simon
23-Jun-2014Studies on soil enzymes and available nutrients in relation to litter decomposition in rubber plantationsJose, GeethaJoseph, Mercykutty; Kothandaraman, R
4-Aug-2010Structural studies on tension wood of hevea brasiliensis (para rubber) with special reference to clonal variabilityMathew, FrancisReghu, C P
26-Sep-2014Influence of juvenility on somatic embryogenesis and phase change related gene expression in Hevea brasiliensisKala, R GThulaseedharan, A
7-Aug-2014Description and analysis of natural vegetation in rubber hevea brasiliensis farming ecosystemSabina, C AVijayakumar, K R
7-Aug-2014In vitro regeneration of rubber tree hevea brasiliensis muell Arg Cv RRII 105 from immature anther explants via somatic embryogenesisJayasree, P KumariThulaseedharan, A
17-Oct-2018Molecular studies on abiotic stress and identification of stress tolerant genes in Hevea brasiliensisLisha, Luke PMohamed Sathik, M.B
10-Dec-2014Agrobacterium mediated molecular breeding in Hevea brasiliensis for crop improvementRekha, KNazeem, P A; Venkatachalam, P
3-Mar-2016Development of transgenic hevea brasiliensis for the over expression of 3 Hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase 1 hmgr 1 geneJayashree, RNazeem, P A, And Venkatachalam, P
24-Jul-2014Over expression of stress tolerant genes in endosymbionts and its application in stress management of hevea brasiliensisMusthapha, Mrudula PSathik, M B Mohamed