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3-Feb-2017Synthesis characterization and biological activity of nitrogen oxygen sulphur containing novel heterocyclesAdimule, VinayakKumar, Lalita S and Rao, Prakash Kumar
29-May-2020Design and Synthesis of Natural Product Based and Small Molecule ChemotherapeuticsImteyaz Hussain LoneBharat Inder Fozdar and Khaliquz Zaman Khan
22-Jan-2019Development of SPE HPLC Methods for Analyses of Simple and Chiral Drugs in Human PlasmaAlam, Syed DilshadAli, Imran and Farooqi, Javed A.
22-Jan-2019Synthesis characterisation and biological activity of oxygen nitrogen sulphur containing novel heterocyclesAdimule, VinayakKumar, Lalita and Rao, Prakash Kumar
25-Jan-2019Studies on advanced energetic solid propellants having improved strain capability for low temperature applicationsBhowmik, DebdasPande, S. M.
5-Apr-2019Synthesis Characterization And Theoretical Study of Some Transition Metal Complexes Of Later 3D Metals with Schiff Base LigandsTyagi, PrateekSaraswat B.S
8-Jan-2019Synthesis and characterization of CdS nanoparticles and application in organic solar cellsBhardwaj, Ramil Kumar.Benerjee, kamalika and Chand, S.
27-Sep-2019Ethnobotanical studies on Darlaghat wildlife sanctuary Himachal Pradesh IndiaMeenakshi ThakurAmrita Nigam, Virender Kumar Santvan
14-May-2020Testing of anti_tubercular activity of some medicinal plants_ in_vivo testing in murine model of tuberculosisVivek Kumar SrivastavaPushplata Tripathi and Gupta U.D.
16-Mar-2020Synthesis and characterization of curcumin doped silica nanoparticles and their anti cancer in vitro and in vivo studySonia TyagiJaved Abrar Farooqi