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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Jan-2019Theoretical investigations on Heat and mass transfer in the MHD flow of some viscous and visco elastic fluidsMishra, SanjuktaBiswal, Sadasiva
30-Jan-2019A novel approach to study the complexation in some hydrogen bonded complexes through evaluation of Dipole momentMahapatra, Uma ShankarRoy, G S; Maharana, L
30-Jan-2019Dielectric studies of hydrogen bonded liquids an experimental assessment of the efficiency of proposed equationsRay, Sandip KumarRoy, G S
30-Jan-2019Heat and mass transfer on fluid flowAcharya, ManasranjanDash, G C; Singh, L P
30-Jan-2019Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic flows with or without mass transferBiswal, Sunil RanjanDas, Shyam Sundar; Das, Jayanta Kumar
30-Jan-2019Studies on surface modification of low and high density polyethylene film an investigation of physicochemical properties using dielectric probeMishra, Krushna ChandraSwain, B B
29-Jan-2019Transport behaviour of doped multiferroic bismuth ferrite BFOPradhan, Sangram KeshariRoul, B K
7-May-2018Study of hot rotating nuclei in a functional integral approachAgrawal, Bijay KumarAnsari, A
7-May-2018Model study of high tc superconductors and other strongly correlated electron systemsBishoyi, Kailash ChandraRout, G C
12-Feb-2018Estimation of plasma parameters by A C resonancePatnaik, C U SMishra, Abhimanyu
12-Feb-2018Dynkin diagrams Satake diagrams and related studies of some twisted Kac Moody and hyperbolic Kac Moody super algebrasDas, BharatarshavPati, Kishor Chandra
25-Jan-2018Cp symmetry and some weak and electromagnetic processesNath, AbhimanyuMaharana, L
25-Jan-2018Statistical theory of dense fluidsNaik, Alekha ChandraDeo, B B
25-Jan-2018Topics in string theoryRay, KoushikKumar, Alok
25-Jan-2018Interactions of heavy hadronsGiri, Anjan KumarMaharana, L
25-Jan-2018Nuclear reactions near the coulomb barrierPrasad, G V RaviRamamurthy, V S
25-Jan-2018Characterizations of diffusion and growth phenomena in thin filmsDas, Amal KDev, Bhupendra Nath
25-Jan-2018Studies of the normal and disturbed d region of the ionospherePrasad, B S NMohanty, S
25-Jan-2018Growth characterization and thermal behaviour of epitaxial matallic layers on semiconductors and their self assembled micro structuresRout, BibhuduttaDev, Bhupendra Nath
25-Jan-2018Compton profile studies of 3D transition metal alloysPal, DipaPadhi, H C
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 153